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  • Ashley s.

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    I proudly practice as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the Department of Education. I treasure my role as a therapist where I help children reach academic success and educate parents about the laws regarding special education. In addition, I have my own private practice where I provide home visits and work with a variety of students with articulation disorders, Apraxia, Autism, language difficulties, and other health impairments.  I enjoy combining my knowledge and practice as a Speech- Language...
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  • Esther B.

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    285 West End Ave. #1-TE
    New York, NY 10023
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     I am an ASHA-certified, NYS  licensed Speech-Language Pathologist on the UWS of Manhattan.  I have considerable experience working with children of all ages, from early childhood through adolescence, presenting with a variety of issues, including articulation, tongue thrust, expressive/receptive language delay, bilingualism, auditory comprehension, sensory processing,  autism, developmental delays and PDD. I have worked in multiple settings with preschool and...
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