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  • Kevin O.

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    Kevin O'Hare M.A.,CCC-SLP is a New York and New Jersey Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist with twenty five years experience working with students exhibiting  a wide variety of communication disorders. Kevin has expertise treating students presenting with Language Learning Disorders, Autism, Fluency, Speech Sound Disorders, Cognitive Delays and Global Developmental Delays.  Kevin has worked with children in large school districts, rehabilitation centers,...
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  • Felicia F.

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    10009, 10003
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    Felicia Fera is a speech language pathologist who works out of her private practice in the East Village.  She is a fun and knowlegable SLP with a lot of experience that she brings to her client base.  She has 16 years of hands-on experience working with children.  Beyond working with children with speech and language delays, she also specializes in...
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