Rabbit Buddy for the R Sound


The Rabbit Buddy teaches proper tongue placement to make the perfect R sound. It helps with words like rain, hurry, and girl. A child can feel the coil unwind when R is pronounced correctly

  • Ages 3 to Adult
  • Includes online games & metal case
  • 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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Easy to use

  • Date: 01.19.2017
    Child Age: various
    Location: Merced
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Helpful with placement by

    This product is helpful in helping students achieve tongue placement and production of the /r/ phoneme. I plan to order the Speech Buddy for /s/ next.
  • Date: 05.05.2016
    Child Age: 6
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Positive impact by

    I used this for a limited time with one child. I had positive results, and the child is able to produce the sound. She had been receiving articulation therapy for several months before I began to use it and was improving, this added a positive dimension.
  • Date: 01.07.2016
    Child Age: 8
    Location: NC
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Great for some; ineffective for others by

    I have seen this work great for some kids, and not at all for others. I have tried the R tool with 4 students. With 1 student, the results were immediate and we were quickly able to fade the tool. With student #2, it worked eventually, but it took many sessions and a lot of effort. For students #3 and #4 the tool was not helpful. They were able to uncoil the tool (confirmed through student report, and visually- following production when they removed the tool from their mouth I could see that the coil had been stretched out), but still produced a distorted sound even with the tool uncoiled. I'm unsure what the students are doing in this case, and for these students have not been able to correct it or shape it.
  • Date: 11.02.2015
    Child Age: 7
    Location: Long Grove
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Hearing a Difference After 1 Month by

    I love it! I work with a wonderful, enthusiastic 7 year old who was being teased about his speech at school. We have been using it for about a month and already see a significant difference and he is so happy. It was so helpful for him as he was having a hard time with verbal prompts.
  • Date: 07.21.2015
    Child Age: 6-7 year olds
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Thanks for crafting a perfectly motivating tool by

    When I received the Speech Buddy in the mail, I was first impressed with the packaging involved- what a special kit for the Buddy inside! My client, age 7, was also impressed by it, and felt special that he was the only one who got to open it. Directions on use were fairly clear, but they seemed to offer quite a bit of wiggle room. I suppose this is to allow for individuality in learning. This is important to me, and I appreciated some flexibility, but I also had concerns that I might not be using it completely correctly. Despite my concerns, the reality was this: after countless sessions of hand puppetry, visualization, use of electronic moving diagrams, tactile prompts, coaching through self-prompting, etc.... this was the first tool that helped my client produce his clearest /r/ sound yet. We were so excited that we wanted to keep this going, and I attempted to fade the tool as quickly as possible, so as to show him that he was able to make it on his own, if he used the memory of the feel of the tactile positioning to help him. If only we had begun with this tool sooner, he might be at the point of generalization by now!! Thank you, Speech Buddies, for crafting a perfectly motivating tool that provides unique tactile feedback for sound positioning that can be otherwise very challenging to achieve!
  • Date: 07.02.2015
    Child Age: 8-9 years
    Location: Olathe
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Works very well by

    Works very well with children who have mild to moderate /r/ difficulties.
  • Date: 05.07.2015
    Child Age: 8-9 year olds
    Location: Nampa, ID
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Great tool for persistent /r/ errors by

    The /r/ speech buddy has been a great tool for students with persistent /r/ errors. The tactile feedback means that they can quickly find the right tongue placement and know when they make a mistake. It's much simpler than trying to describe the tongue position or shape it from another sound. The kids seem happier and more confident, and I am already seeing some spontaneous generalization to conversation. Great value for the money.
  • Date: 04.14.2015
    Child Age: 8-9 years
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Especially helpful with those difficult Rs by

    I have been a Speech Pathologist for 35 years. This is an easy way to help students produce an R sound and especially helpful with those difficult Rs. I was hesitant to buy it because of the price but am glad I did. It's worth it!
  • Date: 03.31.2015
    Child Age: 8-9
    Location: Lake City, AR
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Speech Buddy for warm ups by

    I have had the R Speech Buddy for a few weeks and I have already seen huge improvements. Patients who were not stimulable for /r/ in isolation are now producing /r/ in initial word with ease after a speech buddy warm up. I highly recommend this product to any therapist tackling the dreaded /r/!
  • Date: 03.27.2015
    Child Age: 8-9
    Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Still working on it by

    "R" is a really tough sound to get for some kids. I got the Speech Buddy for those really having a hard time understanding where to put their tongues. We haven't gotten the good "r" yet but we will keep trying!
  • Date: 02.24.2015
    Child Age: 8-9
    Location: Anthem, AZ
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    It is a great tool that is easily utilized by

    It is a great tool that is easily utilized . My client instantly feels successful and can feel confident.
  • Date: 12.03.2014
    Child Age: 8
    Location: Lakewood, NJ
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Helpful for the right children by

    I have found it works for children who are extremely motivated and don't have underlying core issues
  • Date: 10.30.2014
    Location: Lake Oswego, OR
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    We got the "ah hah" too by

    Children in my practice who have been struggling in particular with the /r/ sound are achieving faster success now that we are using Speech Buddies. This device really helps to create that "ah hah, now I get it!" moment which lingers so that we can duplicate that success even when not relying on Speech Buddies.
  • Date: 10.17.2013
    Child Age: 10+
    Location: Montevideo, MN
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Saw improvements after first use by

    I saw improvements in a student after the first use with the 'R' buddy! Even he noticed the difference in how he was making the 'R' sound. I have him say the sounds without the speech buddy then say it again with the speech buddy. After the third time using it, my student is motivated to attempt the 'R' without the buddy.
  • Date: 10.01.2013
    Child Age: 8-10+
    Location: Oakville, WA
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Achieved Immediate Results! by

    I love the /r/ model best and have achieved immediate results with it! It was so successful, I got a second one (I purchased these with personal funds). I use them in my practice with kids and have discussed with administration about purchasing more with school district funds due to the success I've achieved.
  • Date: 09.03.2013
    Child Age: 10+
    Location: Towson, MD
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Helped with correct placement by

    Worked ok with my middle school student but he did not like using it. It did help him with getting correct placement though.
  • Date: 08.20.2013
    Child Age: 6-7
    Location: Anchorage, AK
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Highly Successful by

    The speech buddies have worked for many of my clients. It was highly successful for my student working on /r/. I feel that Speech Buddies are an excellent addition to my tool box!
  • Date: 08.01.2013
    Child Age: 8-9
    Location: Mt. Vernon, NY
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Excellent by

    Excellent way to prompt speech sounds within the mouth. I've seen nice gains in clients who have persistent distortion of vocalic R.
  • Date: 07.24.2013
    Child Age: 8-9
    Location: Santa Barbara, CA
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    I'm very happy to have found this product by

    Speech Buddies give valuable tactile feedback to students learning their sounds, and provide a great "practice at home" mechanism that helps decrease remediation time. I'm very happy to have found this product.
  • Date: 06.26.2013
    Child Age: 10
    Location: Seal Beach, CA
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    New best friend by

    My new best friend is the Speech Buddy for [r]. I just got my second 6th student to be able to make a decent [er] sound using the Speech Buddy. Both kids had NEVER made good [r] sounds before so there were many years of frustration and failure. The fiirst student is ready for dismissal, [r] has been largely generalized. The new boy now has a very respectable sound in isolation.
  • Date: 02.01.2013
    Child Age: All
    Location: NY
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Amazing! by

    SLPs these are seriously amazing! I got an /r/ in a child with a flaccid tongue on day 1 and he was able to produce it without the tool as well. I have tried 2 of the others and they work. The trickiest part is just getting the child to use only their tongue tip. After that, the productions fall into place easily.
  • Date: 02.01.2013
    Child Age: 8
    Location: WI
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Wonderful Tool by

     My student was unable to produce a correct [r] and the Speech Buddy made the impossible happen for her. We are not yet even close to carryover. She is the unusual middle schooler who will practice at home but I have to email her exercises to her mom.
  • Date: 01.29.2013
    Child Age: 25
    Location: USA
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Confidence building by

    Recently, one of my clients purchased a Speech Buddies R tool. Here is what he had to say: -- At first, I was very hesitant to buy the speech buddies tool. I thought it was only a very expensive piece of plastic, but I bought it anyway because I thought that a tool wouldn’t be this pricey if it was useless. I was so surprised at the result when I first tried it.  I pronounced the “R” words perfectly with the speech buddy. Every day at home, I use the speech buddy as often as possible when I talk so I can get used to the correct location of my tongue. That way, I won’t have to use the speech buddy in public where it will look quite strange to other people.  I am very happy with my purchase.
  • Date: 01.29.2013
    Child Age: 13
    Location: UK
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    Success! by

    I've had a good and recent success with the 'R' Speech Buddy.  I've been working with a 13 year old boy who has complex speech difficulties including motor learning / co-ordination difficulties (i.e. dyspraxia).  He was substituting 'r' with 'w', not just a bit - I often find people say someone is doing a 'w' for a 'r' when really they're not doing either (for the speechies among us they may be doing something like a labiodental approximant). Not him - he was doing a perfect /w/ so rabbit really was "wabbit" and he really did "wun to the shops" etc. I'd tried a number of things to try and teach Sam a variant of 'r' but we weren't really progressing so I introduced him to the 'R' speech buddy. This was probably one of the first times a Speech Buddy had been used in the UK? The feedback he was able to get from the Speech Buddy in terms of what his tongue was doing, and what it needed to do, was extremely helpful for him and over the next couple of weeks he really started to get the hang of this and began producing a retroflex 'r' even without the Speech Buddy.  We've now moved on and he is using 'r' perfectly in words and sentences during our therapy sessions and increasingly in spontaneous speech also.  I have no doubt that use of the Speech Buddy hastened him to get to this point and reduced the number of frustrating (for him and me) sessions required to elicit a sound that he knew was difficult for him.
  • Date: 01.29.2013
    Child Age: All
    Location: Maine
    Product: Rabbit Buddy

    So Thrilled! by

    I am a speech therapist with a private practice in Maine and  I have 6 clients who were really struggling with their "R" sounds.  They have all made tremendous progress very quickly using the "R" speech buddy.  Their parents are thrilled and so am I!
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