3 Epic Brooklyn Special Needs Programs

3 Epic Brooklyn Special Needs Programs

Autism Games and Activities

Finding an afterschool program for children with special needs can be difficult sometimes, especially for children who may possess a wide range of complex disabilities. However, this should not stop you from seeking an after school program for your child. There are many after school programs that can help your child achieve their therapy goals outside a therapy setting. Talk to your child’s therapists to find out exactly what your child’s limitations are or what you can work on with your child outside of therapy. Below are just a few of the Brooklyn special needs programs that you and your child can check out — we certainly want to!

Photo from Extreme Kids & Crew

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Help! My Child Is Being Teased For Her Speech Impediment

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Teased for Speech Disorder

My Child is Being Teased for Her Speech Impediment. What can I do to help?

“People tease me because of the way I talk.” “The other kids at school don’t like my words.” Do these statements sound familiar in your home? The unfortunate fact is that children who have a speech impediment are often subjected to teasing from their peers. According to a study by Professor Gordon W. Blood, Ph.D., CCC-SLP:

children who stutter are 61% more likely to be targeted by a bully.

Teasing and bullying at school can be a frightening experience.

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What to Expect: First Speech Therapy Lesson

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Speech Therapy for Speech Impediment

What to Expect: First Speech Therapy Visit for a Speech Impediment

Your child has been diagnosed with a speech impediment or speech disorder.  Whether she suffers from the common types of speech impediments such as stuttering, apraxia of speech, a speech sound disorder, cluttering or a lisp, early speech therapy intervention is crucial to successful treatment. But what happens in your first speech therapy visit? What can you expect? Here is a brief run-down of your first visit with a speech-language pathologist (SLP). Planning ahead and being prepared will help you make the most out of your first visit with a speech pathologist and set you on a successful course of speech therapy treatment.

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Brooklyn Brings Families Together with Center for Special Needs Children

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Family at Extreme Kids and Crew

Source: Extreme Kids and Crew

A jump in the ball pit, enjoying the bubble tube and relaxing in the lava lounge? Yes, please! For busy families in Brooklyn looking for great spaces for special needs children, this is the place for you. Born out of parent’s needs to find great sensory-friendly spaces for their children, Extreme Kids and Crew invites you to be a part of their play space, community, workshops, and creative programming. While it is not directly a source for individual speech therapy, a variety of therapists consult and get involved with Extreme Kids and Crew regularly. This center is open and accessible to all families of children with disabilities regardless of income, background, nationality, disability, etc. Children with autism, down syndrome, physical handicaps or any other special needs are welcome!

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Parent Warning: Developmental Delays Linked to Flame Retardants

PBDE cause developmental disorders

Image source: AlaskaConservationBlog.com

Wow! This is one piece of scary news. A study published in November in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has linked prenatal and childhood exposure to flame retardant chemicals to certain neuro developmental delays. Yikes! I thought flame retardant products were supposed to keep our children safe, not harm them… The study research was done at University of California’s Berkeley School of Public Health, so I tend to take their findings seriously. Continue reading