Brooklyn Brings Families Together with Center for Special Needs Children

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Family at Extreme Kids and Crew

Source: Extreme Kids and Crew

A jump in the ball pit, enjoying the bubble tube and relaxing in the lava lounge? Yes, please! For busy families in Brooklyn looking for great spaces for special needs children, this is the place for you. Born out of parent’s needs to find great sensory-friendly spaces for their children, Extreme Kids and Crew invites you to be a part of their play space, community, workshops, and creative programming. While it is not directly a source for individual speech therapy, a variety of therapists consult and get involved with Extreme Kids and Crew regularly. This center is open and accessible to all families of children with disabilities regardless of income, background, nationality, disability, etc. Children with autism, down syndrome, physical handicaps or any other special needs are welcome!

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Art Activities in Speech-Language Therapy

Speech Therapy Techniques
Child Holding Up Painting

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There are two main styles of speech therapy: directive and naturalistic. A directive approach is more structured. The speech therapist might hold up an object, name it, and prompt the child to repeat the word. In contrast, the naturalistic approach may simply look like play. It’s less structured, and it often involves arts and crafts activities. Finding ways to fit art activities in Speech-Language Therapy is a rewarding exercise, and certainly worth considering.

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