Parent Warning: Developmental Delays Linked to Flame Retardants

PBDE cause developmental disorders

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Wow! This is one piece of scary news. A study published in November in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has linked prenatal and childhood exposure to flame retardant chemicals to certain neuro developmental delays. Yikes! I thought flame retardant products were supposed to keep our children safe, not harm them… The study research was done at University of California’s Berkeley School of Public Health, so I tend to take their findings seriously. Continue reading

Special Event – Chicago Special Needs Resource Fair Next Month

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NPN Developmental Differences Resource Fair

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Calling all Chicago parents of special needs children! Whether you are looking for information on speech therapy techniques, schools, summer camps or any other resource, this annual fair is not to miss. Its’ coming up soon on February 10th. You can find more information including location and directions below. The event is organized by Neighborhood Parent Network (NPN) and is officially called “TheĀ Developmental Differences Resource Fair.”

And not only is NPN committed to helping parents of special needs children find resources, but their associate executive director Melanie Schlachter knows first hand how important it is to have tools at hand. Schlachter says, “As the parent of a child who was recently diagnosed with a developmental difference, I’ve just been absolutely amazed by all of the extraordinary resources that exist to help kids with different challenges.” Continue reading

Developmental Delay Alert: Is Mountain Living Dangerous To Your Baby’s Brain?

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High altitude and developmental delays

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For children who are born and live in high altitude regions, researchers have discovered a link between extreme altitudes and developmental delays. This may lead to an increased need for speech therapy techniques and practitioners in the affected areas. The study, by Dr. George Wehby, Professor of Health Management and Policy at University of Ohio, analyzed the developmental health of over 2,100 South American children looking for neurodevelopmental issues. The findings were staggering.

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