What Everyone Needs to Know About Articulation Disorders

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What is an Articulation Disorder?

What is an Articulation Disorder?

This week, we are taking a fresh and in-depth look at articulation disorders in children, including trying to decipher what is fact, fiction and frankly what you need to know about articulation disorders in relation to normal speech development milestones.

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Easy At Home Speech Therapy Ideas

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Parents can conduct at-home speech therapy techniques with their children with easy, everyday activities.

Parents can conduct at-home speech therapy techniques with their children with easy, everyday activities.

For a child with any type of speech delay or language problem, professional speech therapy is an invaluable tool.  Therapy does not have to be limited to visit to a speech therapists office however. There are many options for parents who are looking for a little help in dealing with their child’s speech disorder. Often, professional speech therapists are expensive, not covered by insurance and sometimes just not a feasible option for families living in rural areas. Additionally, if your child is visiting a speech therapist regularly, there are times (such as Summer vacation) where at home therapy can help keep your child progressing. What are some “at home” options for your child?  Do they really work? Many of you are thinking, “I am not a certified speech therapist”, where would I even begin to start?

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Benefits of Early Childhood Education

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More and more research is showing that quality early education opportunities have lifelong benefits not only for those children, but for society in general. By the time a child is just 5 years of age, the brain has undergone 85% of its development. That is a relatively short window of opportunity to provide the best environment for as much learning and growth as possible. Continue reading

Advantages of Early Intervention Found into the School Years

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Playing with little ones serves and important purpose in the world of speech and language therapy. “Early intervention” is a support system for children with developmental disabilities or delays and their families. Speech language pathologist might provide early intervention services to a child between the ages of birth-three years, before they qualify for preschool. According to a review of the efficacy of the Early Start Denver  Model for children with autism, early intervention services (at least following this model) could reduce the need for future therapies.

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Parent Warning: Developmental Delays Linked to Flame Retardants

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Wow! This is one piece of scary news. A study published in November in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has linked prenatal and childhood exposure to flame retardant chemicals to certain neuro developmental delays. Yikes! I thought flame retardant products were supposed to keep our children safe, not harm them… The study research was done at University of California’s Berkeley School of Public Health, so I tend to take their findings seriously. Continue reading