What to Know when Talking to Your Child with a Language Disorder

Speech Therapy Techniques


child reading with mom

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Children with language disorders, whether they be of articulation, expression, comprehension or others might need some extra assistance from their communication partner. A communication partner is the person listening and sharing in the conversation and for children, this is often an adult. Communication partners can do a lot to support a child in conversation, making it easier or less challenging to communicate. Here’s how:

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Speech Therapy in the Media – Helpful or Hurtful?

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Speech therapy in the media is rare. How often do you see an SLP on TV or in the movies? How about cartoons? It’s not often, though seeing a character with a speech or language deficit is more common (Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Cindy Brady). The media’s image of speech therapy can definitely have an influence on the patient’s expectations and perceptions of the profession. Take Aflac’s most recent commercial, for example, in which their iconic and loveable duck undergoes speech therapy. While its nice to have attention towards the profession, it begs the question, is this image helpful or hurtful?

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Attend the ASHA Schools Conference 2013 Premier Event for School Based SLPs

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School based speech and language pathologists have a very unique role. Not only do they support a child’s speech and language development but are immersed in the entire educational experience of a child. This unique role merits its very own annual conference in fact. This year, the annual ASHA schools conference 2013 happens next month in Long Beach, California from July 12-14. If you’re an SLP who likes to catch the rays and surf in California while improving your knowledge base, earn CEUs, network and learn about new cutting edge products, this conference is for you!

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Notable New York Speech Therapy Providers

State Resources
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New York has got it all. From the newest movie premiers, Broadway shows, and the finger lakes wine region, New York is sure to have something for everyone,  including the best speech pathologists. Notable New York speech therapy providers span the entire state, here is just a sampling.

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Easy Summer Articulation Activities at-Home

Parents' Corner Pronunciation & Lisps Speech Therapy Techniques
tracing letters in sidewalk chalk

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Summer is a great time for fun in the sun, splashing in the pool and, articulation? Don’t let the downtime set your child back; encourage them to continue maintaining their target speech sounds with great at-home activities.  Even if you’re not signing up for formal training with the Speech Buddy Kick Start summer event, speech therapy at home is each to achieve. Sometimes it can take a little planning while at other times it can happen spontaneously- like deciding to write articulation targets or sounds in sidewalk chalk (above). Here are some easy articulation activities to try. Continue reading