Easy Summer Articulation Activities at-Home

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tracing letters in sidewalk chalk

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Summer is a great time for fun in the sun, splashing in the pool and, articulation? Don’t let the downtime set your child back; encourage them to continue maintaining their target speech sounds with great at-home activities.  Even if you’re not signing up for formal training with the Speech Buddy Kick Start summer event, speech therapy at home is each to achieve. Sometimes it can take a little planning while at other times it can happen spontaneously- like deciding to write articulation targets or sounds in sidewalk chalk (above). Here are some easy articulation activities to try. Continue reading

Portable Speech Therapy: Packing for Vacation

Speech Therapy Techniques
Family Packing Car for Summer Vacation

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Summer and vacation go together like clowns and circuses. Whether you plan to cool off at a water rollercoaster or watch ballerinas sweating it out on stage, summer vacation offers the perfect opportunity to become even closer as a family. When you have a child with a speech disorder, preparing for summer break might take a little extra time. In addition to packing all the hip new styles of summer, bring along some games and other speech therapy tools to stimulate your child’s language skills.

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Poolside Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Techniques
Child Swimming in Pool

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Much like parenting, speech therapy efforts are continuous. Your child will best advance his skills when his day-to-day routines are full of activities and conversations intended to boost his speech and language. But sometimes we could all use a change of scenery. If your child is bored to tears with flashcards, take speech therapy outside. Summer activities readily lend themselves to speech therapy activities. Children love playing games in the pool instead of just swimming laps, for example. Turn poolside activities into a fun speech therapy session. Your child might resist working on his “s” sounds inside at his desk, but he might happily practice them outside while splashing in the pool.

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