Notable New York Speech Therapy Providers

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New York has got it all. From the newest movie premiers, Broadway shows, and the finger lakes wine region, New York is sure to have something for everyone,  including the best speech pathologists. Notable New York speech therapy providers span the entire state, here is just a sampling.

Speech Buddies Connect

Speech Buddies is the first online Marketplace for parents to find and book appointments with speech therapists in ManhattanBrooklyn and Queens. No matter what type of speech challenge you are trying to fix, we will match you with a licensed speech professional. We choose only the best therapists to join our network. We’ve made booking appointments much easier with flexible visit times to fit your schedule.

Open Lines Speech and Communication

Open Lines Speech and Communication is a premier speech therapy treatment center with expertise and services in a variety of disciplines that also include not only speech but occupational therapy and learning & literacy services for children and adults. With evening and Saturday hours, group and individual treatment and telehealth services, this clinic is sure to accommodate any needs your child has. New York City toddler classes also make this clinic stand out. Enroll a toddler you know in two-three sessions per week where they will earn from one of New York’s top literacy and language specialists.

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S.E.E.D.S  of the Willistons Inc

Directed by Eileen M. Devaney, MS, CCC, with more than 25 years of experience as a speech pathologist, this clinic offers a wide array of services for children and support for parents. These include speech and language therapy, Earboics and Grain Train auditory processing therapy, tutoring and reading instruction. Seeing the value and need for educational support and with the background to do it, S.E.E.D.S has “learning specialists on staff that are licensed to provide special education services, such as SEIT services.” They also “provide academic services for students in grade one through eight by licensed New York State Teachers. If you child is struggling in school in any area we are prepared to help them succeed.” If your child needs summer services, be sure to sign up for the two, four, six or eight week S.E.E.D.S summer sessions available between June 24th 2013 and August 28th 2013. Parents, also be sure to check out their upcoming workshops, offered free of charge!

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Bedford Speech Language Pathology

Bedford Speech Language Pathology provides treatment for a variety of speech and language disorders, including stuttering, voice, autism and dysphagia. Locations including home-based treatment, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Looking for more services beyond traditional speech and language therapy? If you know a child who’s language difficulties are affecting their test taking abilities, this clinic offers a unique solution, speech pathology tutoring and test preparation services for children of all ages. Coupled with their literacy and pre-literacy programs, this clinic makes sure to incorporate language across a variety of areas to help every child succeed.

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