What to Know when Talking to Your Child with a Language Disorder

Speech Therapy Techniques


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Children with language disorders, whether they be of articulation, expression, comprehension or others might need some extra assistance from their communication partner. A communication partner is the person listening and sharing in the conversation and for children, this is often an adult. Communication partners can do a lot to support a child in conversation, making it easier or less challenging to communicate. Here’s how:

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Speech Sound Homework- Tips for Promoting Home Carryover in Articulation Therapy

Parents' Corner Pronunciation & Lisps Speech Therapy Techniques
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Children often have social studies, spelling or math homework on a daily, if not weekly basis. Why? Because educators know the importance of reinforcing difficult concepts outside of the classroom is just as important as inside. Further, this can help involve parents in the process. Speech therapy should be thought of similarly. Although a specific skill might be taught in a structured lesson during the day doesn’t mean it can’t be reinforced outside of therapy as well. “Homework” might not be graded but the idea is the same; children should take home speech sound targets or techniques for activities at home not only to improve but to involve parents in as well.

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