Finding a Brooklyn Speech Therapist

Finding a Brooklyn Speech Therapist

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I am proud to announce that our full-service speech therapy plan is available to parents in Brooklyn, New York, my hometown. We are good at technology: we’ve harnessed the best in medical device technology to really revolutionize the treatment of speech and articulation challenges with Speech Buddies Tools. But recently we have developed a unique means of matching parents in need of services with great local therapists and we’re launching in—fuhgeddaboudit—Brooklyn! The need for private speech services is widespread and covers a variety of speech and language challenges. This post is dedicated to helping you match your family’s unique needs with both the expertise of a local Speech Buddies therapist and your family’s budget. Whether your child is 2 years old and in need of a boost in language skills, or a middle-school student who could use some extra academic support, our plan is the perfect place to start. Below I will walk through several of the most common reasons you, a Brooklyn parent, might be searching for a great Brooklyn Speech Therapist.

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I Think My Child Needs Speech Therapy – The 5 Most Important Steps You’ll Need To Take

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 I think my child needs speech therapy – what do I do?

It’s the start of another school year and maybe you’ve got that nagging feeling in your gut: I think my child needs speech therapy. Just because no one else has approached you about this doesn’t mean that you are alone in your thoughts or that you should ignore this parental instinct. If you think your child needs speech therapy there are many steps you can take to work with your child’s pediatrician and school officials. Continue reading

What Is RTI? Finding Ways to Help Every Child

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The line between disabilities and differences can be subtle, and if your child is struggling in school you might be wondering on which side of the line your child stands. A new approach to helping parents and teachers make this determination is RTI – or Response to Intervention.

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Calling Colorado Parents: Inclusive Education Conference Coming Your Way!

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Colorado parents and professionals, this one is for you! The PEAK Parent Center out of Colorado Springs is holding their annual conference on inclusive education February  7-8, 2013. The conference tagline, “Same fish, Different Sea” says it all about the mission: reforming classrooms and schools for children with speech therapy needs, behavioral needs, disabilities such as Autism, dyslexia, LD, ADHD and incorporating technology for ALL students.

Speech Therapy Evaluations: What Do They Mean for My Child?

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The back-to-school season is an exciting time for families, whether your child is boarding the school bus for the first time or he is a returning student. Your child’s teachers and the other members of the school staff are responsible for more than just his education and feeding him a healthy lunch while he’s at school. They are also responsible for identifying the possible signs of a speech disorder or other issue, such as autism or Fragile X syndrome. Your child’s teacher or his pediatrician might refer him to the agency that is responsible for special education in your state. This referral means that it is recommended that your child undergo a speech and language evaluation. You do have the right to refuse, but if your child does need extra help, an evaluation is the first step in that direction.

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