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Dangerous Games for Kids

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Fun and games – it sounds harmless enough and is usually what children aspire to do in their free time. However, there is a danger zone. It is filled with dangerous games for kids, and parents often learn about too late. Whether you have a 3rd grader or a freshman in high school, it is time to learn about these games that change innocent fun into a danger zone.

Dangerous Games for Kids – Are Your Kids Playing Them? Continue reading

Speech Disorders and Kids: Finding Support for Parents

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Parenting a child with a speech or communication disorder can feel like a lonely journey, especially if you have no experience among family or friends who have faced these challenges. These journeys might feel even more difficult when speech disorders are combined with other conditions in dual diagnoses. Support for parents is a crucial component when it comes to parenting children with any type of challenge or disability, and networking can be your safety net when you feel like falling down on the job. Continue reading

9 Sanity Savers for Busy Families

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If you have children you’ve probably never uttered the phrase: We really have nothing to do. That is because children = activities and activities = busy families. You don’t have to give up your sanity, though, while balancing soccer practice, homework, and family meals. Try these 9 sanity savers the next time your busy family schedule makes you feel like a full-time taxi driver, loan officer, chef, and security guard all in one. Continue reading