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Dangerous Games for Kids

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Fun and games – it sounds harmless enough and is usually what children aspire to do in their free time. However, there is a danger zone. It is filled with dangerous games for kids, and parents often learn about too late. Whether you have a 3rd grader or a freshman in high school, it is time to learn about these games that change innocent fun into a danger zone.

Dangerous Games for Kids – Are Your Kids Playing Them?

Dangerous Games for Kids

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Cinnamon Challenge

It might just sound like an immature dare among friends – where a person has to swallow a tablespoon full of cinnamon powder in under 60 seconds (without a drink). However, according to research and physicians, this cinnamon challenge means cinnamon in large amounts that pose a toxic danger, most often to the lungs. As children try to keep forcing the dry cinnamon down, their gag reflexes kick in, making them inhale deeply in a vicious cycle. Just last year more than 200 calls to poison centers were because of this. Unfortunately, children see cinnamon as a common household ingredient that is therefore harmless.

Chubby Bunny

The warnings for this game have been surfacing on and off for several years, but children still seem to find it difficult to resist the allure. The object of the game is to repeatedly add a marshmallow into your mouth, each time pausing to say “Chubby Bunny” as clearly as possible without swallowing any of the now melting marshmallow goo in your mouth. Children have even died from this game as the marshmallow expands from the heat of the mouth and can’t be easily swallowed – children choke to death.


Knock Out, Space Monkey, AKA the Choking Game

It may have new names, but the choking game has been around for far too long on the list of dangerous games for kids. Just over 6% of 8th graders surveyed in one study admitted to playing this game, and of those kids more than 60% played it more than once. The end-game goal of the choking game is to create a euphoric high by restricting oxygen and blood flow to the brain by using a towel, belt, someone’s hands, or even a rope, to cut off this critical supply. Kids then pass out and when they regain consciousness they experience the high. What kids too often fail to realize is that this kills brain cells, and can kill those people who play it.

Am I Ugly?

All you have to do is type the title of this “game” into the YouTube search engine and you’ll come up with countless videos of young children, often girls, posing before the camera and asking the world-wide-audience: Am I ugly? The answers from complete strangers (and some from those the kids know) range from cruel and rude to supportive to downright creepy. There are two very important players in this game – the child who posts the video and the sometimes millions of people who comment on the videos, most often with unkind words.

These dangerous games are real and present threats to children. Because their maturity levels and life experiences (along with a bit of science know-how) are not capable of understanding the realities of these dangerous games for kids, it is vital that parents, teachers, friends, and caregivers know they exist. If you’re looking for information about online game safety for kids, there are great resources here, and if you want some family friendly games, be sure to check out our top 10 list!

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    These are horrible. I wouldn’t have even known that such “challenges” existed. I’m horrified! Thank you for putting up this list!

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