Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Travel Games for Little Ones

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So you’re almost set for the drive to Grandma’s house for the holidays, except there is just one problem – the drive to Grandma’s house with bored and fidgety little ones in the backseat. I always find myself remarking to my kids that never had movies in the backseat or iPods to play while traveling across the country in the back of the station wagon and somehow we managed to survive. While my own kids might have access to those luxuries, it still seems that the best boredom busters while traveling are good (dare I say old-fashioned) travel games.

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Get Moving! 5 Games for Kids with Articulation Disorders

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Articulation and phonological disorders are common forms of speech challenges that children face. Speech therapy techniques depend on the specific type of disorder and sound challenge, and games for kids with articulation disorders or phonological delays can help to bring the fun into the work part of therapy. There are great books to help kids who are struggling with articulation disorders, and the following games can get them moving and learning at the same time. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Dangerous Games for Kids

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Dangerous Games for Kids

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Fun and games – it sounds harmless enough and is usually what children aspire to do in their free time. However, there is a danger zone. It is filled with dangerous games for kids, and parents often learn about too late. Whether you have a 3rd grader or a freshman in high school, it is time to learn about these games that change innocent fun into a danger zone.

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Fun Fall Activities for Speech Therapy

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Fall Foliage

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For many people, autumn holds the promise of beautiful, breath-taking foliage and fun activities like apple picking. If you love this time of year, you’re probably already stocking up on hot chocolate and visiting your local farmer’s market for bagfuls of colorful pumpkins and acorn squash. (Or, if you’re like me, you’re stocking up on heavy-duty hand lotions to combat dry, lizard-like winter skin.) But if you’re a speech-language pathologist (SLP) or a parent of a speech disordered child, you’re also probably looking for ways to incorporate the season into speech therapy lessons. There are lots of fun activities to do in the fall. With a little tweaking, you can customize your family outings into engaging speech therapy activities. Plus, you’re more likely to keep your child’s attention with hands-on activities than with flashcards.

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