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Have you been eyeing Speech Buddies for your school but don’t have the funds in your budget? Now is your chance to get a Speech Buddies Professional Set for your school! Through October 31, Speech Buddies will contribute $100 to the first 10 school projects  posted on DonorsChoose.org, an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need.

“Research has shown that Speech Buddies help speech therapy students learn four times faster than traditional therapy. By using Speech Buddies with articulation students, schools will save thousands of dollars in speech therapy costs while greatly benefiting students and teachers. We’d like to encourage speech therapists, particularly those working in high poverty areas, a chance to get their hands on Speech Buddies through our donations with DonorsChoose.org,” said Gordy Rogers, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech Buddies Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

Speech Buddies’ decision to participate in DonorsChoose.org was a pretty simple one.

“I have known DonorsChoose.org founder and CEO Charles Best since high school and we have shared our mutual passion for education for many years. Every day, we hear from speech therapists around the country who do not have a budget for materials. Today, we are excited to help bridge that gap by extending DonorsChoose.org to the speech community,” said Rogers.

It’s no secret that many U.S. schools lack the budget and materials to assist students in need of speech therapy resources. According to an American Speech and Hearing Association 2012 Schools Survey, the median caseload for a school Speech Language Pathologist is 47 students.

“With DonorsChoose.org, we’re hoping to give speech therapists and students access to the best technology and highest standard of care. Speech Buddies allow students to graduate from speech services faster and return to the classroom.”

If you’re a Speech Language Pathologist in a high-poverty school, here’s how to participate:

1. Post a project requesting a Speech Buddies Professional Set through the Donor’s Choose site before October 31. More than 70 percent of projects are funded and it is free to post. At this time we are only able to fund the first 10 projects… so hurry!

2. Send us an email at info@articulatetech.com letting us know your project has been posted. We will make a $100 contribution to the first 10 high-poverty projects posted requesting a Speech Buddies Professional Set. This contribution applies to Professional Sets only.

3. Promote your project through your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest communities and ask your friends and family to donate to your project.  You’ll be surprised how quickly $5 or $10 donations from friends, family and colleagues add up and help you reach your goal!

4. We’ll do our part to promote your project through our Speech Buddies DonorsChoose.org page, as well as our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest communities.

5. When a project reaches its funding goal, Donors Choose.org, we’ll ship your Speech Buddies Professional Set to your school.

That’s it – pretty simple, right? Post a project and get started today. For more information on DonorChoose.org, visit their FAQ page.

Speech Buddies are a set of tools (for R, S, L, CH, and SH sounds) to help kids overcome speech difficulties twice as fast. For more information, visit our website, http://www.speechbuddy.com/.

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