9 Sanity Savers for Busy Families

Parents' Corner

If you have children you’ve probably never uttered the phrase: We really have nothing to do. That is because children = activities and activities = busy families. You don’t have to give up your sanity, though, while balancing soccer practice, homework, and family meals. Try these 9 sanity savers the next time your busy family schedule makes you feel like a full-time taxi driver, loan officer, chef, and security guard all in one. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 5 Twists on Traditional Family Meals

Parents' Corner
Image Courtesy of njaes.rutgers.edu

Creating traditions with your kids is one of the most rewarding parts of parenting, and family meals are the perfect place to start. Even though modern family lives seem to be crowded and kids overscheduled, there are 5 fun twists you can try with your family meals that will create new traditions and build stronger families. Family meals can even help your kids thrive during the school day – studies show that when kids eat with their families more than 3 nights each week, only 9% of them get Cs or lower on their report cards, while 20% of those kids who get family meals less than that get Cs or lower for grades. So whether you’re trying to help your academically challenged child or just ease the family’s chaotic schedule, try these 5 ideas. Continue reading