The Most Important Supply: Back to School Speech Therapy

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Speech Therapy with Speech Buddies ConnectIt’s time to start thinking Back to School! As parents and teachers, we want to give our kids everything they need to succeed, and at this time of year it seems easy: pencils, paper, notebooks, a backpack, maybe a lunchbox — all the tools of their trade. But it’s easy to overlook the most important things: excitement, self-esteem, self-confidence. Are there tools for that? Just like the physical tools our kids use to start their new year, emotional needs should be a priority; we want our children to step through the classroom doors with ease. Speech Buddies has been busy building an easy way to make back to school speech therapy, or anytime speech therapy, as accessible as possible…

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We’re heading to ASHA 2013 this week! Stop by our booth (#1713) for live Speech Buddy demos.

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Dear ASHA Attendees:

As an SLP and co-founder of Speech Buddies, I’m thrilled to join more than 7,000 of our esteemed colleagues from all over the world for this year’s ASHA 2013 convention in Chicago. Researchers, clinicians, students and parents of children living with speech and language challenges will come to share their work, absorb new information, acquire new skills, and connect with their colleagues. The theme of this year’s convention is Teamwork: how trained professionals working in concert with their peers, parents and teachers can achieve positive outcomes not possible on an individual basis. We applaud ASHA’s focus on this vital theme and we at Speech Buddies have tailored our entire approach to harnessing the power of collaboration.

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Help! My Child Doesn’t Qualify for Speech Therapy in School

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When Speech Therapy in School isn't An Option

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What Can I Do To Help My Child?

It can be one of the most frustrating things that a parent can face – believing that his or her child needs help and not knowing how to provide it. If your child is struggling with speech or communication issues but the school has said he or she doesn’t qualify for speech therapy at school, there are still several options you can use to help your child. Other options within the school, private SLPs, at-home activities, and other professional services can all be of help to your child’s communication development. Continue reading

Speech Therapists Rave About These Tools for Speech Therapy

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Language Development Tools for Speech Therapy

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It’s that time of year again: As soon as my skin starts to feel lizard-like and shriveled in the cold weather, I know it’s time to start making lists of ideas for holiday gifts. Not to mention stocking up on heavy-duty moisturizers. When you’re a parent, killing two birds with one stone is a great way to make the holidays easier on your budget. Fun educational gifts like tools for speech therapy will seem just like toys to your kids, but you can feel satisfied that the youngsters are learning something at the same time. It’s a technique that speech-language pathologists (SLPs) use all the time. Speech therapy sessions often seem just like playtime. But while your child is playing pirates or princesses with the speech therapist, he or she is also working on his narration skills, sentence formation, articulation, and vocab acquisition. Consult your child’s speech therapist for ideas on tools for speech therapy to use at home. She can offer ideas that are customized to your child’s specific speech disorder and needs.

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