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If yesterday’s post on the Council for Exceptional Children Conference made you want pack your bags and to head towards San Antonio, you might consider staying a bit longer to check out some great speech therapy options across the state of Texas.    Texas is the second most populous and the second-largest of the 50 states, so it only follows that Texas is filled with a plethora of therapy services – and children who could benefit from them. It is also home to the #10 graduate program for speech-language pathology in the country, the University of Texas at Austin. Because the state serves such diverse populations, students at this university can obtain a unique education with a certificate in bilingual speech-language pathology. With a great need for speech therapists and educators across the state, students in Texas shouldn’t have to stress or worry about difficulty paying student-loan debt. The opportunities in careers in rehabilitation services are limitless in early education, schools and private practice. Check out the great speech therapy in Texas and professional resources.



Speech Therapy in Clinics


The Therapy Village Pediatric Therapy

If the saying is right, “it takes a village to raise a child”, then this facility has got it right. The Therapy Village provides not just one but three services: speech, occupational and physical therapy under one roof.  Speech therapy services include: Beckman Techniques, Kaufman Techniques, VitalStim, Speech Buddies, Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) Devices, Talk Tools, and PROMPT.  According to the website, this clinic’s philosophy is  “To build a foundation of developmental motor, and speech and language skills to ensure that our patients have confidence and success with challenges experienced at school and in play.”

speech therapist at The Therapy Village




Fountain Therapeutic Center

Located in Texarkana, Texas, this multi-disciplinary clinic has expanded in recent years to include occupational therapy and physical therapy services in order to meet the needs of and empower a variety of patients.  Speech therapy clients seen by here can receive evaluations and customized treatment programs to improve communication disorders such as articulation, language, hearing loss, cochlear implant, stuttering, voice, autism, swallowing, and social interaction.


Austin Area Speech & Language Services

Families in and around Austin will find themselves well-served with Austin Area Speech & Language Services. This clinic is owned by an Austin enthusiast and SLP, Susanne Schlankey, who has lived in Austin intermittently since 1984 and a part of Therapy One, a locally owned umbrella organization. The organization provides primarily speech and language services but also offers Occupational Therapy at some locations. The clinic boasts comprehensive speech and language evaluations for children and adults with classroom observations, school consultations, and attendance at ARD meetings also available. In addition to treating communication disorders of fluency, articulation, expressive receptive disorders, oral motor deficits, language learning disabilities and PDD (to name a few), this clinic also provides accent reduction services. Austin Area Speech & Language Services


Speech Therapy Association For Professionals

Texas Speech Language – Hearing Association

SLPs in the Texas area can get involved at the state level and network with the Texas Speech Language –Hearing Association. The organization provides career development, continuing education, an annual conference, publications and advocacy opportunities. This can also help parents in Texas find great, state licensed, speech therapists.


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