Council for Exceptional Children Conference on Education Comes to San Antonio


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Children with communication challenges, be it articulation, hearing loss, expression or understanding rely on a community of support when it comes to their education. A speech pathologist or a classroom teacher cannot do it alone. That’s why the Council for Exceptional Children is bringing parents, educators and professionals together. On April 3-6 you can join the largest professional development event dedicated to special and gifted education in San Antonio, Texas. At the Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, attendees can network, learn and engage in workshops and dialogues surrounding hot-topics in education, get involved in pre-conference workshops, browse the expo hall and find great job opportunities.

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is a professional association that works to improve the educational success of children and youth with disabilities and gifts and talents. CEC’s Convention & Expo could be considered the heart and soul of the special education community and well worth the time for attendees who choose just one or all three days. This year’s conference will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.  Registration is open and discounted registration is available for those who volunteer for the event.


The Convention Program

A quick glance at the program highlights reveals a variety of opportunities. First, on April 3rd, attendees can choose to attend pre-convention workshops that include::

  • Learning with APPtitute: iPad as UDL Support
  • The Paraeducation and Teacher Team: Communication & Team Building
  • The Highly Engaged Inclusive Classroom: Practical Strategies to Boost Student Achievement


Next, the CEC Convention and Expo begins with the keynote address from disabilities activist and actress Amy Brenneman during the opening general session.


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Then, starting April 4th, the conference begins with strands, special focus sessions, invited sessions, town hall meetings and showcases. Strands are a creative concept that  gives attendees the opportunity to explore educational topics in depth through a series of three to four conceptually and developmentally linked sessions. Select from different strands that include:


  • Addressing Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Challenges Among Adolescents With Disabilities
  • Working Together to Build Success In Mathematics for Students with Disabilities
  • Early Education Inclusion: Supports That Make it Work
  • International Special Needs Education



CEC Programs

The Council for Exceptional Children provides valuable resources, and the Annual Conference & Expo is just the tip of the iceberg. CEC’s Policy and Advocacy Team helps advocate on behalf of children at all levels of government. The Counsil also provides webinars for professional development and publishes pioneering research, topical issues, and broad perspectives in it’s peer-reviewed journal, Exceptional Children (EC). Further, CEC offers membership that allows members to get professional development, resources, and peer-to-peer support. 17 special interest divisions highlight insightful areas of gifted and special education in depth and provide targeted resources and research.


Organizations like CEC provide great opportunities for everyone involved in special education. Consider getting involved or following this amazing organization online or with their journal to enhance your understanding of hot topics in special education.

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