5 Favorite Board Games for Speech Therapy

5 Favorite Board Games for Speech Therapy

Games and Activities Language Building Games
Did you know that some of our old favorite board games are also great speech therapy tools? Yes, that’s right!  You can help improve articulation and speech skills while enjoying ...

Diagnose a Speech Disorder

Have you noticed challenges in the way your child speaks? Or does he have a hard time being understood by her friends and teachers?

Our free guide will help answer your basic questions and give you actionable steps of what do do next.

In 3 easy steps, you’ll have some answers!

Speech Impediment in Children: What Is Cluttering?

Speech Impediment in Children: What Is Cluttering?

Speech Disorders
What is cluttering, and how is this different than stuttering? We’ve heard that question many times from readers, so we thought we’d take a moment to explain the speech disorder ...

Speech and Communication Challenges in Children

Does your child have a speech impediment? Or have you noticed that your child just doesn’t talk as much as other kids his age? Are you wondering if your child’s speech and communication skills are developing normally? These are questions many parents ask.

We invite you to read our FREE eBook: A Parent’s Guide to Speech & Communication Challenges in Young Children. It is filled with great information on 10 of the most common speech and communication challenges that children may face. Read on and let us know if you have any questions about your child!

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