Tips for Building Early Language Skills with Your Child

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child reading with mom

Reading with your child is one of the best ways to help build language skills. Source:

Mama!  Dada!! Like many parents, you have likely been waiting months for your child to finally say a real word!  Sure, the grunts, pointing and babbling sounds are cute, but that moment your child utters her first word is priceless!   Once the first word is spoken however, there is no turning back. What was once a semi-peaceful trip to the grocery store is now filled with endless, “Ball”, “Mama”, “Apple”, “Want Dat”.  Car rides are no longer excuses to escape with Adam Levine.  Instead the sounds of “Stop,” “Go”, “Car”, “Fire Truck” are yelled triumphantly and continuously from the back seat. Are there ways in which parents can start building speech and language skills early?  How early is too early?
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Boost Communication Skills: 10 Minute Bedtime Routines

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Build Speech and Communication Skills at Bedtime

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If you’re a parent, you’re busy. Between the homework, extracurricular activities, and squeezing in time for friends, it can seem challenging to find time to work on those speech and communication skills. To make the most of your time in your busy schedule, try some of these 10 minute bedtime routines and activities that build those skills and help you connect with your child for a few minutes before bedtime. Continue reading