Halloween Language Activities … not just for Pirates!

Halloween Language Activities … not just for Pirates!

Language Building Games

Those first leaves are starting to turn (depending on where you in the country you live of course!) and you’re starting to notice the trees on the side of the highway hinting toward an imminent fury of color. Your kids are nearly frothing at the mouth with excitement for their favorite candy-laden holiday. They have indicated which superhero or character from Disney’s Frozen they want to be — and changed their mind at least once. You have already scouted the best deals for costumes and that mega pack of candies. How we can harness this uniquely motivating holiday to further enhance our home-based treatment outcomes and get your child through his or her speech goals as efficiently as possible? Here are three Halloween language activities and games to get you started:

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Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Spooktacularly Easy Halloween Costumes

Parents' Corner
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Growing up there were no trips to the costume store – old school Halloween costumes meant using what you could find in the house to create a unique, fun, and cheap way to disguise yourself for a couple of hours – and I still love this challenge. Halloween is only a few days away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an adorable, frightening, or financially feasible costume without investing a ton of time or money – so try some of these spooktacular ideas for both kids and adults. Continue reading