Great Speech Therapy Resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

Great Speech Therapy Resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

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Whenever I come across a website that I think could have a meaningful positive impact on the work we, as speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and educators do, I feel I immediately have to share such a resource on the Speech Buddies blog. Today, that site is Teachers Pay Teachers, an ingenious market, for educational resources developed by teachers, that anyone—teachers, SLPs, homeschoolers, grandparents—may access a la carte for a nominal fee.

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Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Games That Build Gratitude During the Holidays

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Build Gratitude

Gratitude is good for you! Help your kids experience more of it with these 6 activities. Image source:

Thanksgiving is here – and so is the Christmas season, meaning that kids everywhere will be making lists and making sure they check those lists twice. While the holidays are a wonderful time to share gifts with people who are special in our lives, it can mean that families sometimes feel an imbalance between the getting and the giving. If you’re trying to build gratitude in your kids, try some of these games and activities that remind everyone of the real joys of giving. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Thanksgiving Activities for Kids While the Turkey is in the Oven

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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Play this version of Cootie with cookies, M&Ms, and a couple of die borrowed from other games. Image Source:

As Thanksgiving nears, I’m making my shopping lists and strategically planning the baking of pies and sharing oven time with all of the other dishes – for my first official Thanksgiving Day meal we are hosting. That to-do list also includes enough activities and extras for the kids so that they both feel like an important part of the day and also get to do more than twiddle their thumbs while I prepare dinner. These are some of my stand-by games for holidays, along with a few new adventures we are adding to our list of Thanksgiving activities for kids. Continue reading

7 Games to Build Reading Skills for Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

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Games to Build Reading Skills

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All of the data points to what many parents and educators already know to be true. Children who have speech and language delays or disorders often struggle to build or maintain reading skills. If you are the parent of a child who faces literacy challenges on top of other communication struggles, and your child just doesn’t seem able to sit still long enough to look at the cover of a book, you might be feeling that reading proficiency is a far away dream. Whether your child is a kinesthetic learner or always on the move because of a learning or behavior challenge, there are options that satisfy that need for movement, but still build reading skills. Try these games that let kids move – and encourage them to read at the same time. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 10 Indoor Games For Kids (that won’t break the furniture!)

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There are some days when either the weather or the schedule keeps the kids inside for just a bit too long and they start to become antsy balls of pent-up energy. Physical activity is essential for healthy bodies and minds, but can be challenging to accomplish some days. One particularly long winter many years ago I came to a realization – either find ways for the kids to actively play inside or install a room ensconced in bubble wrap. That winter was the year we tried possibly all the indoor games for kids and came up with some favorites – activities the kids can play inside without breaking the furniture! Continue reading