Great Speech Therapy Resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

Great Speech Therapy Resources from Teachers Pay Teachers

Whenever I come across a website that I think could have a meaningful positive impact on the work we, as speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and educators do, I feel I immediately have to share such a resource on the Speech Buddies blog. Today, that site is Teachers Pay Teachers, an ingenious market, for educational resources developed by teachers, that anyone—teachers, SLPs, homeschoolers, grandparents—may access a la carte for a nominal fee.

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Educators are always creating curriculum-specific materials for their classrooms. And creating these materials can be time-consuming and in some cases, costly. So in order to reduce the time and cost-burden of creating great materials for the classroom, educators now have the option to sell these materials to their colleagues all over the world. Underlying all great business ideas is a “win-win situation” for both vendor and consumer; here, teachers get to disseminate their materials and supplement their incomes, while other teachers have the opportunity, for just a couple dollars, to save tons of time and aggravation. As you might imagine, many different subject areas are covered on the website. I will focus on great speech-oriented personal “stores” as well as samples of some these materials that you can purchase. Also, for all you parents out there reading this blog post, these ready-to-go materials could be a great option for organizing and supporting the home-based follow-up speech program you are undertaking.

Holiday Speech and Language Activities

I was particularly impressed with WhitneySLP’s store with its large selection of holiday and seasonal-themed materials. These special events in the course of a school year are incredibly enriching, and fun interludes within your curriculum but can—let’s be honest—present some extra work. This store seems to have a lot of great multi-disciplinary materials focused on, for example: Valentine’s Day-themed analogies, the history of St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween language activities. In addition, Whitney’s store has a number of ”freebies”, which might be a good place to begin, so you can see for yourself if you’d like to take the plunge.

For each item you might be interested in, the site offers a couple sample pages to view as well as a comprehensive description of each item. For any speech supervisors who may be reading this, the site allows you to purchase additional licenses of a particular product at a 50% discount for any additional licenses. This would give say, a school district, a chance to capture some real value with a more bulk purchase.

Visually Appealing Language-Learning Activities

Speech Chicks Thanksgiving Language Feast

Speech Chicks Free Thanksgiving Language Feast

Another store I’d like to highlight is the Speech Chicks’ store, who also have a nice inventory of holiday-themed materials, with a nice emphasis on visually appealing language-learning activities. Miss Speechie is also a particularly well reviewed and well used store, with over 300 activities for sale, and an additional 50 or so free items. Just about every one of her items is rated as 4 out of 4 stars. As with this and each store, you can filter the categories for the type of speech and language challenge you are seeking materials for; in fact, these categories have been custom-generated by the SLP who owns that store. You can also filter by grade level and academic subject, where applicable.

Speech and Language Activities for every Skill

Jenna Rayburn's S'more Articulation

Jenna Rayburn’s S’more Articulation

Another widely followed store on the site belongs to SLP Jenna Rayburn. The store nicely breaks down its activities into relevant skills, such as articulation, grammar, fluency, language and social skills. Ms. Rayburn clearly has a passion for pedagogy, and the detail and depth of her materials demonstrate this. Again, there are season or event-focused materials as well as lesson plans and interactive books.

Whatever your setting – be it a school, private clinic, outpatient hospital – the materials available on Teachers Pay Teachers can really ease the burden of curriculum preparation. The materials are often so specific and inexpensive that you can use them in a pinch – I admit too that I’ve had to scramble before a session to make sure I had everything I needed. Now you have at your disposal a user-friendly resource to help make the work you do so well even more effective. Below this post is a list of several other SLP stores on the site. Good luck finding the materials you’re looking for and I’d be interested to hear from all of you how useful you’ve found the site to be.

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