Say It Spooky: Halloween Sound Science Activities for Kids and Parents

Say It Spooky: Halloween Sound Science Activities for Kids and Parents

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After the candy—never forget the candy—our favorite part of Halloween is the sounds. From ghostly “boos” to sickening “slurps,” Halloween is a time when kids and grown-ups get to dress-up, be silly, and make some extra-goofy noises. For kids in speech therapy, Halloween “sound science” activities are a great way practice new sounds and skills. And, they are also a cool way for the whole family to have even more fun experimenting with the chilling, spooky, and goofy effects sounds can produce.

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Free Summer Speech Therapy Activity Calendar!

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Speech Therapy Activity CalendarActivity Calendars!  We’ve all heard of them!  Perhaps your kids even came home with some in their backpacks on the last day of school. Have you checked out our Summer Fun Speech Therapy Activity Calendar? Our team of Speech Buddies SLPs, artists, and creative writers put their heads together to develop an excellent and creative way to practice speech therapy at home during the summer and avoid that “summer slip!”

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Turkey Time! Thanksgiving Activities for Kids with Language-Based Learning Disabilities

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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids with Language-Based Learning Disorders

Check out our book list of Thanksgiving treasures to read aloud to the kids. Then see if they can retell the story to you in their own words. Image source:

Language-based learning disabilities (LBLDs) encompass a wide range of challenges related to language, including spoken, written, and implied. A child with LBLD needs extra support, both in and out of the classroom, involving guidance by healthcare professionals and possibly speech therapy. You can help support the overall goals of improved communication skills by implementing games at home – and the holiday season means it is the perfect time to try these Thanksgiving activities for kids with language-based learning disabilities. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Thanksgiving Activities for Kids While the Turkey is in the Oven

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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Play this version of Cootie with cookies, M&Ms, and a couple of die borrowed from other games. Image Source:

As Thanksgiving nears, I’m making my shopping lists and strategically planning the baking of pies and sharing oven time with all of the other dishes – for my first official Thanksgiving Day meal we are hosting. That to-do list also includes enough activities and extras for the kids so that they both feel like an important part of the day and also get to do more than twiddle their thumbs while I prepare dinner. These are some of my stand-by games for holidays, along with a few new adventures we are adding to our list of Thanksgiving activities for kids. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 10 Indoor Games For Kids (that won’t break the furniture!)

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There are some days when either the weather or the schedule keeps the kids inside for just a bit too long and they start to become antsy balls of pent-up energy. Physical activity is essential for healthy bodies and minds, but can be challenging to accomplish some days. One particularly long winter many years ago I came to a realization – either find ways for the kids to actively play inside or install a room ensconced in bubble wrap. That winter was the year we tried possibly all the indoor games for kids and came up with some favorites – activities the kids can play inside without breaking the furniture! Continue reading