Summer Speech Therapy Practice: The End of the School Year is Nigh

Summer Speech Therapy Practice: The End of the School Year is Nigh

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I am in shock too, but believe or not, we are mere weeks away from the end of the school year. Undoubtedly, your child’s speech services are winding down as well. And although we (and especially our kids) have every right to be very much looking forward to summer, I always recommend at this time of year a series to tips to my families. Whatever the hiatus from therapy is (a week or two or even the whole summer)—now is the best time to plan some summer speech therapy practice to carry over what our kids have learned and, if therapy is slated to continue come the fall, then we can hit the ground running.

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Free Summer Speech Therapy Activity Calendar!

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Speech Therapy Activity CalendarActivity Calendars!  We’ve all heard of them!  Perhaps your kids even came home with some in their backpacks on the last day of school. Have you checked out our Summer Fun Speech Therapy Activity Calendar? Our team of Speech Buddies SLPs, artists, and creative writers put their heads together to develop an excellent and creative way to practice speech therapy at home during the summer and avoid that “summer slip!”

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4 Easy Articulation Activities at Home

4 Easy Articulation Activities at Home

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Articulation Therapy Cartoon

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Articulation. What exactly does that mean? Articulation is the movement of the tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech organs (the articulators) in order to make speech sounds. It is considered an articulation disorder when there are problems making the sounds. Sounds can be substituted, left off, added, or even changed. Often, it is young children who make speech sound errors. They may say “wabbit” instead of “rabbit”, or leave out certain parts of a word such as “nana” for banana. If these errors continue past a certain age without improvement, your child may have an articulation disorder. Are articulation disorders treatable? Absolutely. And you can work on improving articulation skills at home. Here are four easy articulation activities that you can do at home.
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Avoid the Summer Brain Drain! Easy Ways to Build Your Child’s Reading Skills

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The summer slide means that kids lose up to 2 months of education

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Most kids look forward to summer break with excitement and eagerness, but parents and teachers often worry about the effects of the summer brain drain – or summer slide – that can negatively affect your child’s basic academic skills. On average kids in the United States lose 2 months of math and reading skills over the summer break – which adds up to a full year during just the elementary years alone! Research also shows that kids from lower income homes are even more at risk for this summer slide as their educational resources become less available.

If your child has a speech delay or disorder, or any other type of challenge that makes learning more – challenging, this summer slide can be a real drain on the brain. Maybe your school doesn’t offer summer speech therapy, or your child is already a reluctant reader. There are ways to help. Try some of these fun and easy ways to build your child’s readings skills during the summer and avoid the summer slide (unless you’re headed to the park).

7 Ways to Build Your Child’s Reading Skills

1. Make a field trip out of your child’s summer reading interests. Maybe your son can’t wait to head to the local amusement park, so get him even more excited by encouraging him to read about the 10 highest roller coasters on Earth! If your daughter loves to go for bike rides, encourage her to read about local trails and pick a new one to try each week. Reading maps is a legitimate reading skill that has practical implications for the future. Continue reading