What is Phonological Awareness & Why You should Learn Now!

What is Phonological Awareness & Why You should Learn Now!

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March is National Reading Month, so to celebrate raising awareness of this crucial life skill we’ll discuss the links between speech and language development and early literacy skills. A number of skills that would fall under the speech and language umbrella are enormously important to the development of early literacy. What can parents can do to promote early literacy in their children, from 12 months (or even earlier!) through pre-adolescence? We’ll discuss that too. You may already actively do some or all of these things with your child(ren), but let’s explore some evidence-based lessons as you continue to stimulate your child’s reading development. Learning to read and to ♥ love reading ♥ is a childhood-long project for both children and parents and the work you do as a parent and this post aims to be another support for this noble endeavor.

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Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Games to Improve Listening Skills in Preschoolers

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Improve Listening Skills

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I have never met a parent who claims that his or her young child always listens. A combination of attention span, concentration, and interest all contribute to the energy kids put towards listening – and sometimes it seems like all of these things fly out the window. However, listening skills are not only important for family harmony, but they are integral to communication every day. Help to improve listening skills in your young child by making him or her a Listening Detective – and let the fun begin! Continue reading