Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 5 Activities that Encourage Writing Skills

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As a writer, putting words on paper or the screen is as natural for me as talking to myself (which I do a lot of, too). However, for countless kids there are hurdles, frustrations, and challenges when it comes being able to write – to say nothing of being able to actually enjoy it. Serving up activities that encourage writing skills in bite-sized portions and not blank loose-leaf paper is one of the first steps to encouraging reluctant writers to become authors in their own rights. Continue reading

The 3 Rs – Helping Kids with Communication Disorders

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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Even though studying the 3 Rs might sound like an outdated approach to academics, reading, writing, and arithmetic are still foundations for learning. Children who are challenged with speech and communication disorders may need extra support to form solid foundations in these subjects. While the diagnosis and therapy treatment plans will vary for children with speech and communication disorders, there are several tools that can help children build stronger skills for their 3 Rs, and benefit communication skills as well. Continue reading

Language-Based Learning Disability: Games to Improve Language Skills

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A child who is diagnosed with a language-based learning disability can face a variety of challenges, especially in school. There are countless types of therapies used and directions taken by SLPs, in special education classrooms, and by teachers who adjust curriculum to meet these children’s needs. Help keep some of the fun in therapy and learning new skills by trying some of these games and activities.
Continue reading

Communication Milestones for the Later Elementary Years

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Image Courtesy of mentoringminds.com

As the time approaches when many children are headed back to another year of school, many parents are left wondering if their children are ready for what lies ahead. Communication milestones is one term used to describe an intricate weaving of skills and tools that are acquired. These skills include those involving reading, writing, speech, language, use of voice, and more. Communication milestones for children in the older elementary years can be more subtle in nature, but they are nonetheless extremely important.

Communication Milestones in 4th – 6th Grades

Most children have established a foundation of communication by the time they enter kindergarten, and the early elementary years are spent building on those, especially in areas such as reading and writing, as well as more complicated conversations. The older elementary years are no less important than these early years, but their progress might not seem as noticeable. It is during this time when the skills continue to increase at a steady pace, often all the way through high school (and hopefully beyond).

When it comes to communication milestones for older elementary students, look to see that your child is developing in these various areas, both in and out of school. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Encouraging Kinesthetic Learners to Read and Write

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Image Courtesy of impartmagazine.com

Do you have a mover and a shaker in your home? A child who just can’t seem to sit still and thrives on moving? While some might jump to the conclusion that a child such as this has an attention issue, more and more parents are realizing that they have kinesthetic learners. These are kids who learn better when able to physically move. Reading and writing, two activities that are inherently related to being still, might be all the more challenging for kids who are kinesthetic learners at heart. Continue reading