Activities to Keep Skills Sharp during Winter Break

Activities to Keep Skills Sharp during Winter Break

Games and Activities

Holiday Activities: Family Sounds ProjectThere is plenty of frenetic activity during the holidays—baking, wrapping, picking up in-laws at far-flung airports—but the holiday season is also a time when our regular routines grind to a halt. Kids stay home from school, appointments are put off until after the New Year, and cold weather drives even the most driven among us to hunker down inside.

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The 3 Rs – Helping Kids with Communication Disorders

Language Development Reading School Speech Disorders
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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Even though studying the 3 Rs might sound like an outdated approach to academics, reading, writing, and arithmetic are still foundations for learning. Children who are challenged with speech and communication disorders may need extra support to form solid foundations in these subjects. While the diagnosis and therapy treatment plans will vary for children with speech and communication disorders, there are several tools that can help children build stronger skills for their 3 Rs, and benefit communication skills as well. Continue reading