Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Is Your Child’s Classroom Flipped Out?

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A Flipped Classroom

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As your child goes back to school, what does that classroom look like? More and more teachers are turning to a flipped classroom, where the traditional elements of lectures and homework are reversed. The classroom lectures and homework assignments where you have to try to recall your algebra skills in order to help your child are being replaced with a new model: the flipped classroom. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Encouraging Kinesthetic Learners to Read and Write

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Image Courtesy of impartmagazine.com

Image Courtesy of impartmagazine.com

Do you have a mover and a shaker in your home? A child who just can’t seem to sit still and thrives on moving? While some might jump to the conclusion that a child such as this has an attention issue, more and more parents are realizing that they have kinesthetic learners. These are kids who learn better when able to physically move. Reading and writing, two activities that are inherently related to being still, might be all the more challenging for kids who are kinesthetic learners at heart. Continue reading