Apps for SLPs

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Apps for SLPsMore and more, speech and language therapists are turning to the Internet to provide high-quality speech therapy exercises for their therapy sessions. As children (and their parents) become more proficient in technology and in particular tablets and mobile devices, therapists are presenting innovative ways to keep their therapy services current with today’s technology standards.

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Tools for Speech Therapy: 5 Fabulous Apps for Kids

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Speech Therapy Apps

Get your iPads ready! Games, puzzles, stories on the go?  Speech Therapy is no longer one size fits all. Recent innovations in technology provide many valuable tools for speech therapy. Apps, iPad games and gadgets offer opportunities for learning at every level of speech therapy and often help make the therapy fun. Of course, apps should not be viewed as a replacement for a comprehensive speech therapy plan, and you should always seek to contact your SLP if you are planning to use applications, games and gadgets in conjunction with your therapy sessions.

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Top 10 Online Sites for Building Language Skills

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Websites Designed for Building Language Skills

Many websites are designed to help your child with building language skills and improving communication.

Online games and resources are excellent tools to help children build language and vocabulary skills and prepare them for reading and speaking success for the future. Using the computer to access online resources, children of all speaking abilities can develop vocabulary skills, learn to distinguish certain sounds, begin to recognize letter shapes and their sounds, learn to follow directions and learn basic building blocks in sentence formation. Yes, the games and activities are so fun and you may not think they’re actually learning – but with our recommendations, rest assured these sites are teaching children skills for building language skills and future effective communication.

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Technology Benefits Special Education Classrooms – And Beyond

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Meet them where they are – and help them use technology to make the most of their abilities and build their futures. This attitude is what many special education teachers are finding to be successful with their students. Over the last decade a positive change has been occurring that teachers and students are seeing firsthand and research is supporting – that technology benefits special education classrooms in many ways for students who have various challenges. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Your Family Needs Technology

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Family Needs Technology

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There is a lot of talk about limiting children’s screen time and the dangers of too much technology. However, did you ever stop to think about how much your family needs technology? Sure, some of it is out of pure convenience, but there are many reasons why incorporating those gadgets and learning some new technology skills can greatly benefit you and your kids. Here are just 10 reasons to get you started thinking about the technology in your life. Continue reading