Helping my Child with Speech Therapy: Private or School-Based

Helping my Child with Speech Therapy: Private or School-Based

Parents' Corner

In a recent blog post, “I Think my Child Needs Speech Therapy – Now What?”, I outlined the process of securing speech and language therapy services for your child. But let’s say your child has just begun or has been in therapy for some time? What then? Do you find yourself wondering, “how should I be helping my child with speech therapy?” This post is dedicated to providing tips for parents on how to maximize the services they are already receiving. Whether your child is receiving school-based or private therapy, there are many things a parent can do to empower themselves and ultimately, to make therapy more efficient.

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Bring Back Playtime: 3 Games for Speech Therapy Reinforcement

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Much of the most effective learning children do is through play and building speech and language development skills are no exceptions. Parents and SLPs can work together use these 3 easy and creative games for speech therapy reinforcement that get kids moving, imagining, and developing those communication skills.

1. Mystery Shopper for Speech Therapy Reinforcement

Especially great for kids with sensory and tactile needs, you can adapt this game to work with various speech therapy goals. Take a brown paper shopping bag and place 5-10 items inside of it that deal with your specific language goals. For example, if you are working on /s/ sounds, place the following in the bag: Continue reading