How to Make the Most of Pinterest for Speech Therapy Materials

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The job of a speech pathologist isn’t just to evaluate speech sounds and language development it’s also to get creative. Creativity is an essential part of speech therapy. If you can’t make articulation drills interesting, your pediatric patients won’t likely give you the time of day. Of course, despite having great materials, they often fail to impress a picky patient after the fifth time they see it coming. Ideas, books, worksheets, teaching techniques, and artic activities all need a fresh face once in a while and thanks to Pinterest, finding those ideas just got a whole lot easier. While you might think of Pinterest first and foremost for budget wedding ideas, speech therapy materials are quite practical and easy to approach from Pinterest when you know what to look for.

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How to Teach the “P” Sound

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Your child’s speech-language pathologist (SLP) should provide you with activities to do at home to encourage your child’s progress. If not, ask the SLP for “homework.” If your child needs help with individual sounds, work on helping him master those sounds before moving on to syllables and whole words.

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