Your Child Has Multiple Speech Language Goals – What to do!

Your Child Has Multiple Speech Language Goals – What to do!

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Once you’ve had your child assessed for a speech or language disorder and you’ve been told of the various goals that need to be targeted, you might find yourself throwing your hands in the air, baffled as to where to begin. It can certainly be overwhelming to wrap your head around a comprehensive treatment plan for your child. What speech language goals should be targeted first? And, how can I, a motivated parent, get involved? This post is dedicated to empowering parents in becoming more active partners in both the selection and implementation of appropriate goals for your child’s treatment plan. By understanding the rationale for as well as tips for how to best target each goal, in terms of overall child language development, you can be better equipped to support your child and help move him or her through these goals more efficiently.

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Make S.M.A.R.T. Speech Therapy Goals

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If you’re the parent of a child in speech therapy, you might sometimes feel like you’re up against a wall of resistance. Maybe there are unknowns when it comes to your child’s speech disorder, and your child might be frustrated with the speech therapy routine or homework. As adults it is easier to see the big picture – that improved communication skills are so valuable for the future and worth the effort. For kids, however, speech therapy can be tiring, hard work, and sometimes even a source of insecurity among peers. Help your son or daughter set and reach speech therapy goals using a traditional business model – S.M.A.R.T. – and you’ll find that speech therapy might just get a little easier, and the goals a little closer. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Motivation Charts and Goal Setting

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Motivation Charts for Setting Goals

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Do gold star stickers for good deeds really work? Many families find that motivation charts for everything from homework to daily chores can help reduce the nagging and help kids stay on task. A motivation chart can be an effective tool for teaching your child how to set and reach goals. But if you’re going to use a motivation chart, here are a few golden rules that will help make sure your motivation chart doesn’t turn into a bribery and begging chart. Continue reading