Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 8 Tips For Protecting Your Kids Against Bullying

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Bullying Statistics

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The start of each school year brings some of the same things year after year – new backpacks, gym shoes, and friendships. However, it can also mean the return of the school bully. While some people might argue that bullying in school is as old as school itself and a rite of passage, studies show that for the victims of school bullying the effects can be devastating. Continue reading

I Think My Child Needs Speech Therapy – The 5 Most Important Steps You’ll Need To Take

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 I think my child needs speech therapy – what do I do?

It’s the start of another school year and maybe you’ve got that nagging feeling in your gut: I think my child needs speech therapy. Just because no one else has approached you about this doesn’t mean that you are alone in your thoughts or that you should ignore this parental instinct. If you think your child needs speech therapy there are many steps you can take to work with your child’s pediatrician and school officials. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Morning Routines Get Kids to School on Time

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Save Time on Morning Routines

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The school bus is waiting, but your child still can’t find her missing pink sock and her teeth still need brushing. If morning chaos is the routine that exists in your home, try these tips and tricks for better morning routines to get your kids to school on time.

Morning Routines Start with Bedtime Routines

The best morning routines are those that start with effective bedtime routines. Even though it can be tempting to skip a few steps the night before because the kids are tired (and so are you), creating a plan before the kids ever go to sleep will help everyone get out the door on time the next morning. Continue reading

What Can We Expect from Speech Therapy in School?

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Special Education 101 and Speech Therapy in School

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Your child is starting speech therapy in school. But what exactly does this mean? The type of services your child will receive in school will depend on many factors. These include your child’s age, the type of speech disorder that has been diagnosed, other learning delays or disabilities, the structure of your child’s school, and more. The two basic forms of speech therapy in schools include in-class (sometimes referred to as push-in services) and separate services (sometimes also known as pull-out services). There are also other forms of assistance that speech-language pathologists can offer to your child. Continue reading