Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Create A Homework Zone

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From NellieBellie.com, Anatomy of a Great Homework Zone

It might make your child groan, but you know that homework is an important, inevitable part of your child’s day. You can help to make the experience more manageable when you create a homework zone in your home, and you don’t have to add on an extra room to accomplish it. Continue reading

Tools to Improve Communication, Reading, Memory and More – For All Learning Styles

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Tools to Improve Communication for All Learning Styles

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If your child struggles with a speech or communication disorder, it doesn’t mean that school assignments, homework, and even learning at home have to suffer. No matter which learning style your child seems to gravitate towards the most, there are tools to improve communication and reading skills – making the most of homework, studying, and even classroom participation. Continue reading

Keeping Speech Therapy Fun – Tips for Parents

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Families are busy, and sometimes all that busyness means stressed, over-scheduled children who are exhausted from homework, sports, and more. If your child is in speech therapy, he or she might be frustrated, overwhelmed, or even bored with the routine of including speech therapy techniques at home. There are easy ways, however, to help you and your child keep speech therapy fun while still managing the rest of their responsibilities and activities. Continue reading