Vocal Hoarseness Speech Therapy?

Vocal Hoarseness Speech Therapy?

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One question I quite frequently get in my practice as a speech-language pathologist is how to deal with vocal hoarseness or raspiness — is there vocal hoarseness speech therapy? Getting a “raspy voice” is incredibly common in both children and adults. I’m sure the reader has experienced this multiple times in his or her life. At times vocal hoarseness or raspiness is temporary and something you can easily attribute to excess shouting at say a sporting event or a viral infection; in other cases, the cause is mysterious. Also, sometimes the hoarseness and raspiness can be temporary and responsive to the vocal hygiene strategies discussed below. In other cases, the hoarseness or raspiness is chronic and in need of attention from an experienced speech-language pathologist with knowledge of voice disorders and/or an ear-nose-throat (ENT) doctor. This post is intended to give you a sense of how you would potentially manage such vocal hoarseness or raspiness.

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Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – Exercise Apps for Kids (To Get Off the Sofa and Get Moving!)

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There’s an app for that – or at least it seems that there is an app for almost everything. Whether it is learning new skills, following directions, or just having good old fashioned fun, kids are using apps for everything from homework to video games. There is also increased attention paid to kids and technology, especially regarding concerns that the combination results in inactivity far too often. So are there really apps that can get kids away from the monitors and get moving for healthier lifestyles? Yes – there are even apps for that. Continue reading