Speech Therapy in Your Pocket- 5 iPad Apps for Speech Production

Speech Therapy Techniques


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Speech therapy requires therapists to be armed with a variety of materials for promoting speech production. Traditionally, these have been articulation cards, books, mirrors and boundless therapy toys. This makes for a lot of materials to tote around and can ultimately become tiresome. Thankfully, working on speech production has never been easier if you’re outfitted with a mobile device. Not only can you condense materials into one pint-sized tablet, but you can reinvigorate your therapy sessions with new apps and their game-changing technologies. Here are five iPad apps for speech production that you should know about. Each contains high quality graphics and new ways to infuse technology into your speech therapy sessions.

More Great Articulation Apps

Speech Therapy Techniques
Child Using iPad App

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As your child grows, he will likely learn to speak in complete sentences, control the tone of his voice, and articulate words clearly. If you suspect your child is struggling with proper articulation or he has a speech delay or disorder, bring him to a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for an evaluation. A speech therapist can help your child with an array of communication issues, including articulation. You can also use speech therapy activities at home to encourage his progress, including using apps that were designed specifically to teach articulation.

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Using Apps to Improve Articulation

Speech Therapy Techniques
Speech Therapist Working with Articulation App

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Young children often say “wabbit” for “rabbit” and “nana” for “banana.” While this is normal, bring your child to a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for an evaluation if these articulation issues continue past the expected age. An SLP can help your child produce the correct sounds. Encourage your child’s progress by working with him on speech therapy activities at home. Try old-fashioned, low-tech toys as well as high-tech apps that were designed specifically for children with articulation problems. You can also use Speech Buddies to teach proper tongue positioning.

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