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As your child grows, he will likely learn to speak in complete sentences, control the tone of his voice, and articulate words clearly. If you suspect your child is struggling with proper articulation or he has a speech delay or disorder, bring him to a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for an evaluation. A speech therapist can help your child with an array of communication issues, including articulation. You can also use speech therapy activities at home to encourage his progress, including using apps that were designed specifically to teach articulation.

Say It Right Flip Books

Say It Right Flip Books is an app developed by Mayer-Johnson. This articulation app was developed specifically for non-reading children. Your child can flip through the panels of this app, much like a regular flip book. The panels introduce characters. Your child is encouraged to create and vocalize silly sentences about the book by putting sentence fragments together. Say It Right Flip Books is free to download, but additional flip books (16 total) must be purchased.

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Match2Say ($19.99) is an articulation app designed by a speech therapist. This app helps keep children engaged in the learning process by turning articulation practice into a game. Your child can play a matching game while practicing sounds. Match2Say offers several levels of increasing difficulty. Your child can navigate through various decks of flashcards, each focusing on a specific sound given in the initial, medial, and final positions of words. The app also features sound recordings with various voice characters for all of the images.

PCS Articulation Flash Cards

PCS Articulation Flash Cards is another app from Mayer-Johnson. It uses picture communication symbols (PCS) on flashcards to encourage vocalization of specific sounds. The first 60 PCS flashcards for the “b” sound are free to download, but you’ll have to purchase additional sounds. One reviewer, a speech therapist, noted that these flashcards might be too difficult for some children. The app might be best used for children who can already pronounce individual sounds and simple words, but need a little help with the more complex words.

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Articulate It!

Articulate It! from Smarty Ears is a bit pricey at $38.99, but it’s received rave reviews from speech therapists. This app offers over 1,000 images to illustrate all the different sounds in the English language in various positions within words. It also offers audio recordings of every sound. Your child can repeat the sounds and record his own voice.

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    I’ve also seen that children with autism have a special attachment to gadgets like phones and computers, probably because they are very ‘predictable’ experiences (pressing the same button always yields the same results): there is comfort in predictability. In fact, in some cases, using technology not only enhances the way in which a child can communicate, but also increases their motivation to start a conversation.

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