Using Speech Therapy to Bring Siblings Together

Speech Therapy Techniques
Long brothers run a triathalon


Maybe by now you’ve seen these brothers, Caden and Connor Long, named Sports Illustrated Kids of the year in 2012. What makes them so special is that sibling bond, even though Caden can’t talk. Caden has cerebral palsy and despite speech-therapy, struggles to communicate verbally. But what’s a few words between siblings? To Connor and Caden, they have formed a bond in much more than spoken language. They don’t just bike, run marathons or play soccer. As a team, they complete  triathlons together – with Connor pulling or pushing Caden through each event. While a communication impairment can be a struggle for families, it can also bring them together.

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How to Help Siblings Cope

Speech Disorders
Siblings Sitting Back-to-Back

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Any parent with more than one child knows how much of a juggling act it can be to balance your time evenly amongst all the kids. Being the parent of a child with special needs has an even greater impact. Much like a new baby who abruptly diverts time and attention away from the older siblings, a child with a speech disorder necessitates a period of adjustment for the rest of the family.

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