Creative Ways to Embrace Literacy Artifacts to Promote Language

Language Development


literacy and families infographic


An artifact doesn’t just have to be a fossil or a museum relic. An artifact from a literacy standpoint is as easy to come by as ABC blocks or musical Leapfrog toys and essential for reading and language development, especially in the early years. Literacy artifacts are objects or possessions such as newspaper print, magazine, building blocks, nursery rhymes or other items a child might be surrounded with to encourage reading.  Literacy artifacts are only successful, however, if adults and teachers model them and show children how letters come together to read words and then string those words together. Adults might also model and point to a string of words and letters from left to right to show children how we read. Teachers must point to and model literacy experiences with their child, particularly in the early years. If this seems a bit daunting, check out some creative literacy artifacts for some inspiration.

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