Speech Therapy Ideas for Middle School — Board Games!

Speech Therapy Ideas for Middle School — Board Games!

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Middle School Speech Therapy

Middle School Speech Building Ideas. Image source: Eagleharborva.com

Does your 12 year old son or daughter struggle with speech and communication skills? If so, it’s not too late to get your child on the path to improved communication — and have some fun doing it. It can be tricky keeping a middle school student interested in anything educational for very long , so we’re always on the lookout for good speech therapy ideas for middle school students. The key to keeping this age group interested and motivated is providing them with games and activities that keep them engaged, while giving them the opportunity to see noticeable improvements within a fairly short period of time.
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Failing Communication Skills By Middle School – It’s Not Too Late!

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It's not too late to improve communication skills.

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It’s not too late. That is perhaps the most important thing that parents and educators need to remember when working with older elementary and middle school children who have failing communication skills. Their speech, listening, reading, writing, or other abilities might be lagging, but there is still time to help them overcome or learn to navigate these challenges. The steps that might be taken and the resources that might be utilized might look different for a 5th grader compared to a 5 year-old receiving speech therapy, but the effects will hopefully be similar – effective communication skills. Continue reading