Thanksgiving Listening Games for Kids

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Can you make a list of 13,000 words you know? This is the average vocabulary for 6 year-olds who are developing communication skills at a typical rate. However, for many children who are struggling with speech and communication skills, that vocabulary list is much shorter. Sue McCandlish, an Education and Speech Pathology professional, developed the model below that outlines how valuable listening is to the overall model of communication. She encourages teachers and parents to engage the “working memory” of children through listening games and activities. So why not get in the holiday mood and try some Thanksgiving listening games for kids? Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – You Don’t Have to Shout! Nine Tips to Get Kids to Listen More

Parents' Corner

Tips to Get Kids to Listen More

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Do you ever feel like the only way to get your children to listen is to continuously raise the volume of your voice? Whether it is competing with the chaotic noise level of the busy house or struggling through a battle of wills with an independent child, getting children to listen is sometimes one of the most challenging experiences we have as parents. As a mother of four children I’ve had to discover tips to get kids to listen more – without raising my own vocal volume in the process. Continue reading