Teaching Plurals in Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Techniques
plurals matching

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Plurals are grammatical markers that communicate that there is more than one of something, like cats or cookies. Children who aren’t using these correctly haven’t yet acquired all the rules of English grammar. Plurals are frequently a target in speech therapy for a few reasons: they can be irregular (mice), they are often omitted all together (I have two dog) or they can be mispronounced (using a /s/ for a /z/ sound at the end of a word), giving therapists a lot to target. Here’s how:

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Your Toddler Already Knows Grammar Better than a Chimp



boy and chimp

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A toddler has a lot of information to take in, making toddler language development complex. Information comes at them quickly and constantly like new vocabulary words, longer sentences and questions. Often times we think they are just imitating songs or phrases they’ve heard but as it turns out, toddlers at the age of two are understanding basic grammar rules, which is more than famed Chimpanzee, Nim Chimpanszy could do. This is according to a new study from researchers out of the University of Pennsylvania whose research continues to contribute to the field of language acquisition, ultimately helping to improve the evidence based practices and assessment of speech therapy clients.

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