Famous People With Speech Impediments

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Famous people with speech impediment

Did you know these famous people suffered from speech impediments?

And the Oscar goes to…. Even before the award show begins, the Oscar telecast is full of celebrities dressed to the nines and giving interviews up and down the red carpet. Everyone seems so perfect, right? Wrong! Did you know that some of your favorite celebrities and high profile people have overcome speech impediments as children? Many business executives, actors, actresses, professional athletes and even politicians have struggled with speech problems from lisping to stuttering. King George VI was so embarrassed by his stutter that he hired speech-language pathologist and greatly improved his public speaking. This training and its results are the featured in the 2010 film, The King’s Speech.

In celebration of the Academy Awards, here is a Bonus Trivia Question for you:

Which Oscar-winning actress suffered from stuttering as a child? Hint: she currently stars in a movie where the lead actress has been nominated for an Oscar this year. (See answer below)

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