Translating Tech Savvy Classrooms into Tech Savvy Speech Therapy

classroom ed tech graphic



If you consider all the technological advances in education, it might be fair to say the classroom just ain’t what it used to be. Digital e-readers, iDevices, Smartboards and more are making their way to mainstream, like it or not. Just take a look at these headlines:

Schools, Businesses Team Up to Put Technology in Classrooms”- NBC Dallas Fort Worth

Technology changes face of classroom” – The Australian

New study shows schools are starting to spend big on iPads and other Tablets” – Tabtimes

These titles tell a tale of the new face of education, a tech-savvy classroom that speech pathologists must be aware of as well. While some schools or teachers might be late adopters, speech therapy techniques are advancing alongside the classroom and SLPs need to be prepared to keep up.

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