5 Communication and Speech Therapy Strategies on the Go

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Speech Techniques on the Go

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Sometimes it can feel like life is so busy that we have to schedule time just to sit and breathe. So how can we fit in the extra practice and support our kids need for building speech skills? We have to make the most of communication and speech therapy strategies on the go – even in small bits and pieces. Talk with your child’s SLP about ideas, and see if some of the following can help you and your child make the most of your time on the move. Continue reading

Speech Buddies Parents’ Corner – 11 Ways for Parents to Relax and Recharge

Parents' Corner
11 Ways for Parents to Relax and Recharge

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Parenting is an amazing journey, but it can also be more draining than a burst pipe. Moms, dads, and caregivers need to have ways to recharge after carpooling, cooking, monitoring homework, cheering at the soccer games, and calming fears from nightmares. Try these 11 ways for parents to relax and recharge the next time you’re feeling the chaos of life catch up to you. Continue reading