Encouraging Well Behaved Kids at the Table: Tricks and Tips From the Speech Therapist

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After Monday’s post on temper tantrums in preschoolers, I thought it only fitting to share some tricks and tips in speech therapy that encourage good behavior. You may have seen the recent headline, “restaurant gives discount for well-behaved kids,” where the King family from Kingston, Washington received a $4 discount on their dining bill for having well-behaved kids. While the King family says they were just, “being themselves” at the restaurant, many parents of children with special needs struggle with good and appropriate behavior in public settings.

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Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices

Speech Therapy Techniques
Children Using AAC Devices

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Speech disorders can range from problems with articulation to problems speaking any words at all, such as selective mutism. Children who cannot speak at all or those who speak very little have difficulty expressing their basic needs and wants. This can become frustrating for them, which may sometimes result in behavioral issues. One solution is providing your child with an alternative means of communication.

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