Three Valentine’s Day Activities For Your Kids

Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Activities           for Your Kids!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to share with you three fun ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your students and kids! Of course, you can pull out some arts and crafts, stickers and colored paper to make homemade cards, but we’ve gone a bit further with some crafty and creative ways to get your involved with your kids, and provide an opportunity for language building and speech therapy techniques. We gathered these activities from some of our favorite Speech Therapy websites, so, grab your scissors, paper and tape and get ready for some Valentine’s Day fun!

Three Valentine’s Day Activities:

Valentine's Day Activities

I Can Scrapbook is a great Valentine’s Day activity!

“I Can” Scrapbook

What you need

  • Scrapbook
  • Samples of your child’s artwork
  • Glue
  • As your child masters skills, add appropriate pages to a scrapbook.
  • Glue in one of her paintings and label the page, “I Can Paint.”
  • Glue in other samples under titles like “I Can Color,” “I Can Cut,” “I Know Shapes,” “I Can Count,” and so on.

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Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath

This lovely wreath was created by Katherine Lee is so simple and fun your kids may want to create more than one.

Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath

What you need:

  • 2 bowls of varying sizes (I used one with a 5″ diameter and one with a 7″ diameter)
  • red card stock paper
  • pink card stock paper
  • white card stock paper
  • ribbon
  • hole puncher
  • scissors and glue

Using the larger of the two bowls, trace around to make a large circle on the white card stock paper. Next, place the smaller bowl in the middle of the large circle and trace around that to create a smaller circle. You will now have the foundation for the wreath, ready to be cut out. Using your scissors cut out the circle. Then, fold your circle gently and make a small cut in the center of your circle. This will allow you to get your scissors in to cut out the inner circle to make a ring. This ring will serve as the base for your Valentine heart wreath. Take your pink card stock paper and make a 2-inch fold along one side. Carefully draw heart halves of varying sizes. This is the age-old trick for making perfectly symmetrical hearts; once you cut these out and unfold them, you will have hearts that are identical on both sides. Cut out your pink hearts and keep folding the paper and repeating the process until you have the desired amount of hearts. Do the same with the red card stock. Take the white cardboard ring and punch two holes about an inch apart. You will use these holes to secure a ribbon so that you can hang the wreath once you are done. Take the ribbon and pull it through the holes and make a knot at the back to secure in place. Begin gluing your hearts onto your wreath ring. Kids love this part, and even young children can enjoy gluing hearts onto the wreath base.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids:

Valentine's Day Matchup Game

Valentine’s Day Heart     Match-up Game

Valentines Day Heart Match-ups

Speech Therapy Ideas

 Remember the old card matching game called Concentration? This is similar! Find the heart halves with words that go together and match each half of the heart. This activity provides kids with an opportunity to learn many types of words – animals, plants, Valentine’s day words, anything you wish!


What you need:

  • Heart shaped papers with word pairs on them, cut in half, and laminated (optional)
  • Magnetic tape (optional)


Activity Ideas:

  • Mix the heart halves up on the table and have students take turns putting matches together. Hide the heart halves around the room.  Have your child look for the halves, bring them back to the table, and pair them up. Or, place magnetic tape on the back of the heart halves, and let your kids make their matches on the board, metal cabinet, or cookie sheet.


Whatever activity you choose, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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